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What does Beta mean and how long will be in it?
Beta is a fancy schmancy technical term that means: We do not want to take any responsibility for the quality of our software at this time. Idiotechnica will always be in beta.
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Chicken Soup For The Football Soul

After a car accident leaves 4 players of a high school football team injured and one player dead, a rival player makes a classy move on the field of play.

Thamail Morgan of Cave City, rather than score on a demoralized Yellville-Summit high school football team grieving over their recent tragedy, took a knee at the 5 yard line before almost scoring a touchdown from a fielded a kick off.

Luke Matheson from writes that Morgan had some off the field problems with a program at another highschool and came to Cave City to play in an attempt to continue a promising football career as well as to redeem himself from what ever the unmentioned act was that got him suspended from his previous program.

It sounds to me like the guy has potential to overcome whatever his problems are and if he is as good as the article suggests, i look forward to hearing more about him in future college football news.
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