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What does Beta mean and how long will be in it?
Beta is a fancy schmancy technical term that means: We do not want to take any responsibility for the quality of our software at this time. Idiotechnica will always be in beta.
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Mother knows best for their chicks even before they hatch Canary mothers have been found to encrypt chemical messages within their eggs informing their little chick-to-be about what to expect of life post shell. In response to their mother's message, the chick will then develop accordingly and after they hatch will beg at acceptable levels relevant to their parents socio-econmic status so to speak. In other words, chick informed that they are growing up in a good environment grow bigger and demand more food then chicks told otherwise. Perhaps some relevance to America's childhood obesity problem. You gotta love epigenetic inheritance.
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Posted By: Michael
09/14/10 01:24 AM

cheep cheep you will most likely be a chicken nugget cheep cheep