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There seem to be lots of things missing or that just plain don't work.
That's not a question. Its a statement. It's an honest mistake to be sure, but maybe its a sign that you should start spending more time thinking about how you might improve yourself and a little less time nitpicking every little detail of any given website.
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Feeding The Planet: UK Chief Scientist on Food Production and Requirements A set of 21 papers addressing global food requirements and what needs to be done in terms of food production technology were published today by the Royal Society.

This article gives an overview of many of the findings, as well as UK Chief Government Scientist John Beddington's outlook on a hungry future.

One study suggests one of my personal favorite solutions to world hunger: growing artificial meat in a giant vat. Why not? I'd happily chow down on a faux piggy if it meant more efficient food production, less reliance on fossil fuels and a perfected crunch in my BLT.
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