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Octopus Carry's Around Coconut Shell House These octopuses carry around half coconut shells and hide under them. One even carry's 2 halfs and puts them together to form a super coconut fortress of solitude.

Even if you look past the significance of any lower animal using tools, you can't help but notice how adorable these guys are.

Follow the link and watch the video.

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Posts: Science and Nature / Octopus Carry's Around Coconut Shell House

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Posted By: Dylan
12/15/09 03:48 PM

Everyone is doing their own part for Homeland Security.
Posted By: Michael
12/15/09 07:49 PM

seriously though. you have to watch the video. i think the most interesting thing is that it looks like a total pain in the ass to carry the shell to and fro, so you have to imagine they have put some hardcore cost benefit analysis into how useful it is to have that shell around when they feel threatened.
Posted By: Dylan
12/15/09 09:31 PM

The 2 half shelled octopus is a genius. I'm sure he's thinking all he needs is an LCD screen in there, since Octopi prefer HDTV