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Video - PANY Mock and Rock Video

Posts: Videos / PANY Mock and Rock Video

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Posted By: Michael
10/04/09 11:45 PM

I've probably watched this video about 20 times. the camera seen makes me lol each time.
Posted By: m1nr
12/15/09 01:52 PM

that was so much fun to do. if you notice the black women where the camera lands next to... they thought it was for real and were about to beat my ass
Posted By: KingLloyd
12/16/09 02:46 PM

I enjoyed watching that Matt. Who was the cameraman and who done the editing for the video?
Posted By: Jessica
12/16/09 03:15 PM

I think we all would like another one.
Posted By: m1nr
12/17/09 11:21 AM

Thanks! For the most part it was either Fran or I holding the camera, or we'd set it down on top of something it hit record. Though we asked a few strangers to hold the camera once or twice and had a friend hold it for the roof top scene. I did all the editing.

And Jess, we actually started shooting another video during the summer but it was never finished. That footage will most likely never see the light of day for multiple reasons. I don't think anyone wants to see it. Lol... but I show you why. Hopefully pics work here.
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Posted By: Michael
12/17/09 01:24 PM

lol. that looks like something you absolutely have to finish.
Posted By: Francisco
12/17/09 04:20 PM

yes matt you must finish that. thong tho thong thong thong
Posted By: KingLloyd
12/17/09 06:38 PM

OMG Matt you have to finish it. lmfao it looks like it could be funny as hell. Who is the fat guy? lol
Posted By: m1nr
12/17/09 08:29 PM

That's Bob aka lol