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Conservative Republicans fight to ban birth control pills.

Posted By: Virginia
Posted On: 05/14/10 03:48 PM

Author Photo: Virginia 50 years after birth control pills were first available for public use and women are still fighting with conservative politicians and religious associations that are trying to reverse these earlier decisions. They are trying to take the right of women to have access to birth control. I will never understand how conservative Republicans want run on the platform of small government yet still want the government to control things like education and women's rights.

Their anti-contraceptive argument this time is focused directly on the chances that a women taking the pill might still become pregnant only to have the baby aborted by the hostile environment created in the womb by taking the pill.

For example Christianity Today has a featured story entitled "A hard pill to swallow" about one women plight with her knowledge that the pill she was taking was a sin against God. "I grew uneasy with the minuscule chance—be it one in a million of millions—that my womb might turn away a cluster of 128 or 256 cells knitted together in the image of God."

While in the news recently such as Thomas White, the vice president for student services at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, created a bit of a furor when he declared at a campus chapel service earlier this month that the use of birth control pills is “murder of a life.” Dr. White told an auditorium full of seminary students that the birth control pill is sinful and causes abortions. Statements like the one Dr. White made are irresponsible unless he has hard evidence to back up his claim and also presents all the facts, not just the ones that back up his personal convictions.

This is the actual evidence regarding The Pill and big shocker none of it does what these groups claim that it does.

Although sonograms confirm that women taking the pill sometimes continue to develop such fluid-filled sacs, the egg inside doesn’t necessarily “get released” nor is there necessarily an actual human egg inside. Numerous studies have shown that breakthrough ovulation is a relatively rare event—a far cry from 40-50 percent argued to be released from conservative groups against The Pill.

Other claims, mainly from the Catholic church, argue against all forms of contraceptive simply that birth control goes against the Bible and ergo God.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI called a press conference to reaffirm the Church's traditional teachings on birth control. He classified The Pill as an artificial method of birth control because it deliberately excluded the basic purpose of sex, which is procreation. How can any middle ground be reached with these groups if everything comes down to what a mythological books that if full of contradictions and ambiguity should dictate how everyone must live.

This Anti-contraceptive movement has existed mostly on the fringes of the anti-choice movement and in the past has directly affected a woman’s ability to have access to or knowledge about birth control. The problem now is that these anti-contraceptive movements consist mainly of conservative religious extremists who now control roughly 30% of the vote nationwide, with this number growing everyday, as they continue to have large families in the name of the Lord. Nothing good is can come from the merging of politics and conservative religious dogma.

Currently 76% of Republicans believe that abortion is murder and this to the already 34% of republicans who actually believe that abortion pills are murder.

Former Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer[/b] and Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Daniel Lapin have started an advocacy group, with headquarters in the nation's capital, for conservative Christians and traditional Jews. Even the Bush administration tired to pass a pill protecting health care workers who do not believe in birth control methods including the pill in 2008. In response to the bill, one NIH researcher said, "It's a redefinition of abortion that does not match any of the current medical definitions. It's ideologically based and not based on science and could interfere with the development of many new therapies to treat diseases."

Republicans presidential candidates have been telling these conservative religious groups about their own opposition to birth control by fighting to change the definition of conception:

Mitt Romney in 2007, "I fought to define life as beginning at conception rather than at the time of implantation." "I, like you, hope to reclassify the most commonly used forms of contraceptives as abortions." "I vetoed a so-called emergency contraception bill that gave young girls abortive drugs without prescription or parental consent."

The current definition of life as defined by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is that pregnancy starts at implantation, the first moment a pregnancy can be known. Anti-abortion advocates actually want to redefine this to some unknown time prior to when the sperm and egg actually meet, They'd also argue that, despite evidence to the contrary, that the birth control pill prevents that fertilized egg from implanting in the womb.

What’s even worse is that this anti-abortion movement is growing stronger and gaining more political support then ever before. There is an unspoken rule for candidates seeking the support of anti-abortion groups is that they must offer proof they're anti-contraception too.

Presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, beefed up his anti-contraception resume by co-sponsoring a bill to de-fund the nation's largest contraception provider, Planned Parenthood, by excluding it from Title X family planning for the poor.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain's campaign officials boast he has "consistently voted against taxpayer-funded contraception programs." And Mr. McCain reports that his adviser on sexual-health matters is Sen. Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, who leads campaigns claiming condoms are unsafe and opposing emergency contraception.

Another presidential candidate, Rep. Tom Tancredo, like Mr. Romney, has ventured far into the "contraception-is-abortion" territory. According to Mr. Tancredo, a Colorado Republican, emergency contraception "cheapens human life and simply uses a woman's body to dispose of the child instead of a doctor."

There are now a total of 86 different anti-abortion organizations have committed themselves to stopping all types of contraception arguing that, “contraceptive acts and reproductive technologies that manipulate or replace conjugal union are a rejection of the gift of life," "most often include the foreseen deaths of tiny children," "the practice of contraception means children are unwanted and provides the rationalization for abortion," and "it is a violation of human dignity to promote or accept the use of contraception."

It is not the government's duty to decide what a woman can and cannot do with regards to her body. Some believe that abortions should only be allowed when a woman's life is in danger, in the case of rape or incest, or if the fetus is deformed, which would take women back to 1965 when abortions were banned in all fifty-states, except under those conditions. Recently Florida, among other states, have ruled that all women seeking an abortion must first pay for a ultrasound before being able to get the procedure.

As a consequence, the anti-contraception Christian right has been spreading their infectious propaganda in any outlet possible in hope of creating a nation of oppressed people who must follow without question the beliefs of their leader. Not to mention that influence of the media in presenting biased right winged stories that do nothing but reaffirm fear and out-group hate.

How far does the establishment want to take women's rights back? Are they eventually going to push women back to 1919, before the 19th amendment, when they weren't allowed to vote? This is why it is vital to remember the earlier struggles in the women's rights movement and continue to fight today with their same desire and conviction. As the years progress, human rights should be a higher priority but instead people with their own agenda want to take away basic freedoms necessary for quality of life.

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Posts: Blogs / Conservative Republicans fight to ban birth control pills.

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Posted By: nicole
05/14/10 03:01 PM

This is abhorrent. I simply cannot swallow this logic. The sky wizard purportedly said once that you shouldn't pull out and people simply go nuts. To fight fire with fire I also have strong beliefs that may seem "out there" to some people. But what's funny is that it actually makes sense. I believe in the Church of Euthanasia whose four pillars are as follows:
1. Abortion - abortion should not only be legal, it should be free, paid for by taxes.
2. Sodomy - "sodomy is defined as any sexual act not intended for procreation. Fellatio, cunnilingus, and anal sex are all forms of sodomy and are still illegal in many states. Masturbation may or may not be sodomy; the jury's still out on that, but it's okay with us, especially if you kill yourself while doing it."
3. Suicide - optional, but encouraged to reduce the current overpopulation problems
4. Cannibalism - of already dead human bodies for those who insist on eating flesh.

Here's the website. It hasn't been updated in about 10 years. I think everyone may have killed themselves....
Posted By: Michael
05/14/10 04:28 PM

what sucks is most of the conservative politicians dont even care enough about the issue to think about it. they don't care if some poor lady uses birth control past telling her she cant so they can get elected. they play chess with the world all to keep earning a paycheck. this is why they need to make politicians work for minimum wage or not at all. until there is no monetary motivation for becoming a politician, there is no reason to believe that anyone accurately represents the majority or the minority.